Cherry Kids: Title by Charles (age 7)

Cherry Kids: Title by Charles (age 7)

The environmental work group (EWG) estimates that approximately 81% of children are
not getting the proper balance of vitamins and minerals from their diets. Children's diets
are often low in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron, while being high in
other things like vitamin A, zinc and niacin (1). This is due to our kids consuming far too
many “fortified” grains and not enough fruits and vegetables. As do most whole foods,
tart cherries and apples contain an intricate and perfect balance of vitamins and
minerals that our bodies can utilize one hundred percent!

Getting kids to take any nutritional supplements can be a challenge too. Kids cannot
swallow pills until they are older, and the liquid options they make for many supplements
taste terrible. Cherry Works Tart Cherry Apple Concentrate offers an excellent solution.
When combined with water, it offers kids a yummy, nutritions blast of vitamins, minerals
and phytonutrients made from solid ingredients. Children’s bodies develop rapidly, and
the cellular level development determines their future health, so treating this deep
development with proper nutrition is integral. Cherry Works Concentrates provide
children’s bodies with nutritional building blocks to promote a longer, healthier future.
As our kids head back to school, starting their day with whole food can make a big
difference in how they feel and act at school. Instead of sugary cereal or frozen waffles
for breakfast, try some Cherry Works Tart Cherry Apple juice with a yummy fruit salad
and scrambled eggs.

Offering our children fruits and vegetables obviously offers the best opportunity to
health, but getting kids to consume whole fruits and vegetables can be a challenge.
Cherry Works Tart Cherry Apple Concentrate offers a way to get them some whole
nutrition without the battle! Be sure to try to recipe provided in this month’s newsletter.

1. Enviromental Work Group: “How Much is Too Much?” 2014, June 19.