Cherry Works® Joint Formula 16oz Case

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Our super premium Joint Formula is a proprietary blend of tart cherries, “true” cinnamon and honey. This delicious, all natural supplement provides antioxidant activity* and a minimum of 400 mg anthocyanins per serving – with no preservatives or additives. “True” cinnamon is an ancient spice that promotes healthy joint and cartilage function.* Honey contains antioxidant properties,* and the honey we use is made by the very same bees that pollinate our tart cherry trees.

  • Supports and maintains healthy joint function*
  • Source of anthocyanins
  • Minimum 400 mg anthocyanins per serving
  • “True” cinnamon promotes healthy joint and cartilage function*
  • Honey contains antioxidant properties*
  • Estimated 2940 ORAC units per 1 oz. serving