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Tart Cherry Concentrate with Beets & Turmeric

Tart Cherry Concentrate with Beets & Turmeric for Exercise Recovery

Improve Exercise Recovery Time & Reduce Muscle Soreness with Tart Cherry Concentrate

Go ahead, give it all you got – you can do it again tomorrow. Our Exercise + Training blend does the heavy lifting to help you recover faster and reduce your muscular soreness. With antioxidants, naturally occurring anthocyanins, and potassium, studies show athletes who use tart cherry concentrate as a recovery drink report less soreness after a tough workout. A proprietary blend of beet, turmeric, and tart cherry concentrate is like a hat trick to the athlete.

  • Tart cherry concentrate contains some of the highest sources of phenolic compounds, specifically anthocyanins.

  • Beets contain betalains.

  • Turmeric includes six different COX-2-inhibitors.   


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