Why is your brand more expensive than other brands?

All cherry concentrates are not created equally. Cherry Works™ begins by using only the finest Montmorency cherries. Then the fresh-picked cherries are bottled into a non BPA plastic bottle to maintain freshness and potency. The cherries in our products come straight from the farm to the processing plant.

Do I refrigerate after opening?

Yes, the sooner it is refrigerated, the longer Cherry Works™ will last. But the goal is to drink it every day.

What time of the day should I take it?

Our products can be taken any time, but it is recommended to take the Sleep + Repair formula at night.

What else can I mix my Cherry Works with other than water?

Cherry Works tastes great in other juices, sodas, smoothies, over ice cream, in yogurt, salad dressings, sauces and glazes.

Are your cherries imported?

We use primarily Michigan cherries whenever possible, but depending on crops and weather, have augmented with cherries from other states within the United States. We feel passionate about providing the best quality, American-made product available.

Is the concentrate touching the aluminum can?

No, the product is protected by a food grade liner.

Do you use pesticides?

Yes. However, each year we test for pesticide residue in our products and have yet to find any pesticides detected.