Our Story

Michelle White, Founder of Michelle’s Miracle, Inc. is now doing business as the Cherry Works brand.


A mother of young twin boys, Michelle White was working full-time and completing her bachelor's degree. The year was 1998 and Michelle was working for a fruit processing company in Leelanau County, Michigan. That was when she first noticed something interesting. For years, people had been coming to the fruit-processing plant and asking for jugs of cherry concentrate, a by-product of pitted tart cherries. These people claimed that the Montmorency tart cherry concentrate supported healthy joints.

And that gave Michelle an idea: Why not bottle the cherry concentrate and market it to the whole country, letting everyone know about all of the nutrients in tart cherries? As she did more and more research about tart cherries, she became more and more passionate about the need to educate the broader public about the many naturally occurring nutrients in Montmorency cherries.  Michelle launched Leland Cherry Company, rebranding it as Michelle’s Miracle, Inc. in 2008.  Today, the company is doing business as Cherry Works and new products have been added.

The original formula has expanded to four others, supporting sleep, joint repair, children’s health and athletic recovery.  The products are sold online through the company's web site Cherryworks.net and at a growing number of health food stores and grocery stores throughout the country through national distribution.  Although Michelle is still an investor, she has engaged in other creative endeavors as well.