5 Stress-Reducing Tips

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5 Stress-Reducing Tips

As if our daily stressed-filled lives weren’t bad enough, it turns out that we now need to be stressed about the stress! More and more research is showing that stress triggers the production of free radicals.

Fortunately you can ease stress and buffer its effects with five of my favorite stress reducing tips:

  1. Exercise. It’s the best way to release stress and prevent the negative effects of stress from accumulating. Cardiovascular exercises can help you burn off stress, while exercises like yoga can help restore your body from stress.
  2. Boost antioxidants. Antioxidants are Nature’s secret weapon against free radicals. The more you go for healthy foods like tart cherries, fresh fruit, and colorful veggies, the better your body and mind can handle the stress.
  3. Sleep. People are not sleeping enough and not giving themselves enough time to recover from the stress of the day. Find a way to get yourself to bed earlier and get your 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.
  4. Meditate. You can meditate on anything that makes you feel calm. It could be a prayer that you say. It could be visualizing a place in nature that inspires you. It could be a memory of a good time with friends or family. Simply stop focusing on what the stressful event is and switch your mental focus to something that brings you joy.
  5. Breathe. Pay attention to your breath throughout the day. See if you’re breathing all the way down to your belly. Most people breathe shallowly into their chest or hold their breath during stressful times. See if you can switch this pattern. It can reduce stress in the moment.

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