Cherry Works Tart Concentrate Is Non-GMO

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Cherry Works Tart Concentrate Is Non-GMO

You’ve likely heard people talking about non-GMO products, but wondered what all the fuss is about? Here’s what a few animal studies have taught us so far:

  • Male rats fed GMO foods gained 11% in body fat, triglycerides went up 40% and had pathology of the liver and the kidneys.
  • Studies show that GMO foods contain pesticide residues that can cause problems later in life. It’s a question of chronic toxicity… not short-term toxicity that was approved by the FDA. Some of these pesticide residues have been shown to disrupt hormonal balance and create chronic problems at levels 1,000 times less than found in non-GMO crops.
  • Results of multiple studies have shown that long-term intake of GMO foods could result in reproductive, pancreas, kidney, and liver disease.
  • DNA from GMO foods don’t always break down in the gut. As such, these crops may create antibiotic resistance to every antibiotic that we have on the planet, thus creating super bugs that could rage out of control.
  • In the rats who ate GMO foods, more than one-third had necrotic lesions of their gut lining causing bleeding.
  • One-sixth of the animals used in studies with GMO tomatoes died.
  • Mice fed GMO potatoes had the cells of their gut disrupted, mitochondrial damage (cellular damage) and a significant increase in crypt paneth cells, which are cells that try to protect the lining of the gut.
  • In other studies, animals given GMO potatoes had increased thickening of the lining of the stomach.

At CherryWorks, our goal is YOUR health. That’s why we go NON-GMO.


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