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“I started having problems with my knee. It was inflamed and I went to a knee specialist. He ended up giving my a shot of a gel solution that was so painful I blacked out. This shot ended up costing me $1,000 and only relieved my pain for about a month. Someone suggested Michelle’s Miracle Tart Cherry juice. It worked so well for me that I was a distributor for a while. I drink it every day and have not been to a doctor for my knee in 5 years. I now take Tumeric and Tart Cherry Juice daily and most of my inflammation and aches and pains are gone.”

– Peg S.

I love the sleep and repair formula. The label states it may take 4-6 weeks for noticeable results. It worked to help me sleep better immediately! I like the exercise + training formula after a bike ride or a run. Since I started using these products I no longer wake up with leg cramps in the night. The tart tablets are convenient for traveling.”

– Jody H

“I first recommended Cherry Works to my mother who had been in a very serious automobile accident years before. She was still suffering from a very stiff neck and had lost feeling in her right arm. After starting Cherry Works some of the feeling in her right arm returned and she regained some additional mobility in her neck. I tried Cherry Works when a medication I was taking caused a rheumatoid reaction in my fingers.  Cherry Works was able to reduce some of that reaction, alleviating some of the pain and increasing flexibility.

– Merle T

“I don’t often give my opinion on various products that I try. In this case I wanted to let you know why I was using your product, CherryWorks.  A couple of times I had an issue with my right foot where I could not put any body weight after getting up in the morning. I went to a foot specialist and he had me in a walking boot twice…man was that miserable hobbling for 4-6 weeks at a time. 

So, this last event I had I went to my family doctor and he discovered that my Uric acid levels were high, which turned out to be Gout!! Wow, this means diet change and missing out on some of my favorite foods.  Well when it comes to healthy change I can live with that. First and foremost I am not the kind of guy who falls for the old you got take this medication or that medication. I have always believed in the natural way of doing things unless meds are the only way out.  So, I heard about drinking tart cherry juice to help with the uric acid in the system, and help to maintain it.

Lo and behold, I tried it for the time and notice an immediate difference. After drinking 2 TBSP in 8-10 oz. of water it totally eased the discomfort I was getting from my gout issue. I discovered your product at Wholefoods and then decided to order on line. What a great product. I am a life long custom…I appreciate you because CherryWorks!!!”

– Robert W

“I learned about Michelle’s cherry juice in 2006 when I ran the Bay Shore Marathon in Traverse City with a friend from Michigan. He & his wife said that people swore by it so I bought a bottle and took it back to Florida with me.

I had arthritis in my hips and it did indeed ease the pain. I was happy when I found it at a local health food store and eventually started ordering by the case online. I no longer run and both hips have been replaced since I got down to bone on bone (bye bye arthritis).

So here we are 11 years later and I still drink it – and I have no pain (knock on wood) in any of my other joints. I mix it every morning with orange juice and a raspberry/lime sparkling water. Yum!”

– Evelyn T

“My joint are not as swollen & my hands don’t hurt as much.”

– Cory A

“My husband had gout but not the “normal” kind. The doctors kept saying, “No, it’s not”. You see it started in his fingers not the normal “big toe”. My hair dresser told me about your product. He has been using it ever since.  Not sure how many years ago that was but divorce might be an option if I should forget to order his cherry tart pills!

– Virginia B

“Really, I do like your product and will continue to purchase it in the future. The freshness of the product and its packaging are superior to others that I have tried. Keep up your efforts. Thanks, best!”

– Ann

“I’m 79 years old and have been taking Cherry Works original formula for 3 years. As a result I am able to exercise approximately 5 days a week and feel like I’m 20 years younger. I bike and lift weights routinely. Cherry Works has played a big part in what others have said is a very youthful appearance.

– David B

“I am super happy to provide feedback on Cherry Works products. I first discovered your products at Expo West two years ago. I took a couple samples, as one does there. After taking the supplements for just a day, I noticed a huge difference in my trigger finger, which had been bothering me for at least a year. I’ve since bought Cherry Works for my folks and coworkers, who also have joint pain and arthritis. And have also recommended it to my acupuncturist and my local grocer in Portland, Market of Choice. There are a lot of supplements that make claims to help reduce inflammation and pain – but Cherry Works really works. Feel free to edit this story as you see necessary. I love the products!

– Morgan R

“Hi! I can’t take Ibuprofen products and also have trouble sleeping so Cherry Works is a no brainer. It works great as an anti inflammatory and to get me to sleep.

– Barb G

“I had read about the discovery of the benefits of CHERRY in your diet! I tried it for the proclaimed help in relieving JOINT PAIN! It worked!!! My knee pain is gone, and I am VERY THANKFUL for your “Cherry Works” products!! My brother and sister-in-law tried it – and their knee and shoulder pains, respectively – are gone, too!!! Thank you VERY much!”

– Carla B

“When I was “whining” about the severe pain from arthritis in my hands, my barber said I should try a Michelle’s Miracle cherry juice concentrate she had heard about. At first I thought she was kidding, but I tried it as I had been eating Advils and still the pain was almost constant. But after about a week using it every morning the pain disappeared. That was five years ago and it still works every time……truly a miracle for me. Thanks for making it.”

– Steve W

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