Inflammation Education

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Inflammation Education

In our last newsletter, I mentioned that we would address inflammation in more detail, so here goes … Inflammation occurs as a perceived result of injury or assault on our bodies. For example, when a child hits their head, they immediately get a large bump or “goose egg.” This is a fluid filled sack that forms in order for the area to be protected from further injury until our bodies are able to repair it. In this case, inflammation is vital. However, inflammation that occurs chronically or too often due to improper diet, over training, injury, or disease will start to cause further dis-ease in our bodies.  Chronic inflammation confuses the natural healing mechanisms in our bodies into thinking they have something to address, ultimately leading to other vital processes being ignored.

Keeping inflammation to a minimum has emerged as a key tool in disease prevention. Cherry Works Tart Cherry Concentrate can be an excellent tool to aid us in this goal. So how do tart cherries reduce and prevent inflammation? Tart cherries contain compounds called anthocyanins and antioxidants. The way these compounds work to reduce inflammation is by increasing our bodies cortisone response. Cortisone reduces inflammation by changing the bodies immune response to true or perceived injury. In other words, it increases the cortisone during a true injury which increases our bodies efficiency in dealing with the injury. Even more impressive, cortisone allows the response to a “perceived injury” like consuming white sugar to quickly be managed; therefore reducing the inflammatory response.

Inflammation has been named as a key contributor to all major diseases out there including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. The answer to controlling inflammation remains a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables, exercise, and keeping stress to a minimum. When it comes to a healthy diet, Cherry Works Tart Cherry Concentrate can be an easy, tasty way to get a concentrated amount of nutrients and anti-inflammatory power every day!

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