Internal Spring Cleaning

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Internal Spring Cleaning

As we start to see the early signs of spring, our thoughts often turn to spring cleaning. While spring cleaning usually brings to mind images of decluttering, deep cleaning, and airing out your house, there is another sacred “home” that could also use a bit of spring cleaning.

I’m talking about your body, and giving it a good cleansing with a detoxification diet.

Internal cleansing can help get out the old waste products you’ve stored up in your cells and in your colon. I know it’s not fun to think about, but the benefits are far and wide. The idea is to alkalinize your body to balance it out from the heavy eating you may have done over the winter months. Remember those rich stews, hot chocolates, chowders and chili that sounded so good on those cold winter days? The effects from those meals need to be balanced out.

An internal cleanse could look like having a glass of water with tart cherry concentrate in it in the morning. The cherry is anti-inflammatory and can even help to burn off some of that belly fat you may have accumulated over the winter months. You can follow it up with half a grapefruit. A bowl of oatmeal to finish it up would provide good fiber.

Lunchtime could be filled with fresh vegetables in a salad. You could add some nuts and just a light oil and vinegar to taste. Some grilled chicken would add a nice protein, while unsweetened ice tea or a warm green tea would round out the meal.

Finally, dinner could be filled with steamed vegetables, grilled chicken or fish and some brown rice or quinoa. You want to stick with foods that are as close to Nature as possible. Resetting your internal rhythms to be lighter and moving easily will make all the difference to keeping your body clean on the inside.

If you need some more recipe ideas, we have dozens of delicious items made with tart cherry concentrate.

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