Is Cherry the Drink of the Future?

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Is Cherry the Drink of the Future?

We have all heard about how this beverage or that is ideal for optimum health, but when you want something that will taste good and do more than hydrate you, reach for tart cherry concentrate.

When it comes to exercise, tart cherry concentrate mixed with water, helps you recover faster from exercise and may help you control aches and pains. Plus, unlike many sports drinks that may replace electrolytes, but are often sweetened with high fructose syrups or excessive sugars, tart cherry concentrate tastes like cherry pie without the guilt.

And forget coffee and energy drinks. The caffeine in coffee needs vitamin B12 to be active and can cause huge amounts of calcium to be removed from the body through the kidneys. Energy drinks also deplete your body of B12 and calcium. Over the long haul, this can lead to fatigue that cannot be overcome by caffeine. Plus, many energy drinks are loaded with either high amounts of sugar or high fructose corn syrup—which can lead to pre-diabetes, among other things—or artificial sweeteners, which have their own set of health risks.

Lastly, skip the soda. You may not know this, but soda depletes your potassium levels. Plus, the large amounts of sugar can be damaging the long term.

Rather than jeopardize your health, why not enrich it with tart cherry concentrate instead. It has a much lower sugar content and high amounts of antioxidants. Best of all, it simply tastes great!

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