Make Cherry Juice Your Belly Bulge Blaster!

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Make Cherry Juice Your Belly Bulge Blaster!

By now, we have all heard about tart cherry juice and how beneficial it can be in reducing inflammation and reducing joint pain, but research out of the University of Michigan says it may also be beneficial in reducing your waist line, your risk of metabolic syndrome and your risk of stroke 1.

At the risk of getting too technical, our bodies have the ability, with the right activation tool, to produce something called PPAR isoforms (peroxisome proliferator activating receptors) 2. These PPAR isoforms are key in regulating fat and glucose problems that lead to metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is often a precursor to type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

What this study concluded was that Montmorency cherry juice was a PPAR activator! This means that the anthocyanins in tart cherries can reduce your risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Even further, the study found that when patients took Montmorency tart cherry juice along with the prescription drugs they were being given to control their metabolic syndrome, their overall risk of stroke was also reduced 2.

Now to a more down-to-earth benefit to go along with all of this technical stuff. A leading risk factor for metabolic syndrome is a large waistline, and concentrated belly fat. Research has also shown Montmorency tart cherry juice, like Cherry Works Tart Cherry Concentrate, to reduce belly fat, and aid in maintaining a healthy weight. In fact, subjects that were given tart cherry juice along with a high fat diet, didn’t gain as much weight as their counterparts, who did not receive the cherry juice 1.

So, if you were not already convinced that Cherry Works Tart Cherry Concentrate should be a part of your daily routine, now you have even more reasons! After all, a slimmer waistline makes anyone look and feel better.

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