Make Cherry Part of Your Workout Routine

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Make Cherry Part of Your Workout Routine

A recent article from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that athletes who use cherry powder as part of their athletic training program had faster recovery times from their strenuous training regimen. They experienced less soreness—meaning that their lactic acid levels were lower in their muscles—and they were able to resume their training quicker with less accumulative pain and tightness. So, what does this mean for normal people who do not consider themselves athletes?

Normal people can use this research to make sure they maintain good muscle and joint health. They can use cherry powder in a convenient form such as a daily chewable to help them minimize normally occurring joint and muscle pain associated with normal lifestyle; low level exercise such as walking, running or biking; circuit training and other forms of exercise commonly used to maintain fitness. This is a great example of a benefit from food that is backed by research.

The power of cherry powder lies in its antioxidant content, namely polyphenols, proanthocyanidins or tannins that provide healing in the body. These antioxidants counteract damaging processes that occur in our joints and muscles as a result of using them in activities ranging from getting up in the morning to running a long distance race. They are found in the pigments of the cherry skin, which brings back the old common wisdom to eat brightly colored (including dark green) foods.

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