Man-Made VS Natural Melatonin

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Man-Made VS Natural Melatonin

Doctors and health experts have been telling us for ages that we should obtain our nutrients through food. Fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains have the most bioavailable form of nutrients versus man-made nutrients, which are found in many vitamins and supplements.

Through extensive training in biochemistry, naturopathic doctors have known for years that isolating a specific nutrient deprives that nutrient of cofactors, which are present in the whole food source and are necessary to replicate the traditional health benefit of that plant. For example, with melatonin—found to be supportive for regulating sleep cycles—a person would have better absorption of it in its natural form, as seen in cherries, than from the man-made melatonin found on the shelves in supplement aisles.

Man-made melatonin is a different molecular structure than natural melatonin and does not fit in our brain’s melatonin receptor sites properly. That difference in structure accounts for its wide range of effectiveness, as well as side effects such as nightmares. This is the reason behind the slow but steady push for us to get our nutrients from food.

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