Tart Cherries and Cycling

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Tart Cherries and Cycling

How often have you made up your mind to start an exercise routine, only to have your muscles ache terribly the next day? If you are like me, it’s enough to make you want to turn in your running shoes or hang up your bike and not exercise again.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll be as thrilled as I was to see a Canadian study published by Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism about the benefits of tart cherries on muscle soreness.

The study talked about how tart cherries helped cyclists maintain more energy so they didn’t tire out so quickly while cycling and kept their muscles at maximum capacity. I’m sure any person looking for the benefits of exercise would be happy for that kind of effect. The best part of the study was where they talked about how tart cherries eased inflammation so that after cycling, the cyclists didn’t feel so worn out and sore. Having more energy, strong muscles that keep working and not having all that soreness the next day sounds good to me!

After reading that study, I realized that tart cherries can and should be used by everyone, young and old—not just the cyclists. Anyone that’s starting an exercise program, someone who has been exercising and wants to get to the next level of their routine, or a person with a sporting hobby that requires long endurance like runners or swimmers all can benefit from tart cherry concentrateand the effects seen in this study.

So many people are taking better care of themselves through exercising and eating right, but how many people actually know how beneficial tart cherries are? It’s a secret that I want exposed!

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