The Cherry on Top

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The Cherry on Top

In the world of nutrition, there’s a common belief that when something we consume is prepared with love, it’s nutritional properties are amplified. With that in mind, let me tell you about where the over 1200 cherries in each bottle of Cherry Works Tart Cherry Concentrate (16oz) come from…

Northwestern Michigan holds an amazing amount of splendor. We are home to some breathtaking shorelines; we have impressive national parks, like Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore which holds rolling sand dunes, crystal clear Lake Michigan beaches and forests that vibrate with color. We are a tight knit community that prides itself on being friendly and neighborly. Traverse City, the heart of northwestern Michigan boasts amazing restaurants, local breweries and an enthusiasm for nature.

When you visit Northern Michigan, you can count on a warm welcome, and most importantly, an unprecedented amount of cherry products. Northern Michigan produces over 75% of the entire world’s tart cherries. In fact, in celebration of the cherry industry, Traverse City holds the National Cherry Festival every July. We are very proud of our cherries up here, and we appreciate how important they are to our economy, our community and our livelihood; we absolutely love sharing them with the world!

The cherry industry started in Northern Michigan in 1852 when the first cherry orchard was planted on Old Mission Peninsula, right outside of Traverse City, Michigan. Much to the surprise of many locals, the cherry trees did really well. They found that the rolling hills and sandy soil in the area were ideal conditions for maximizing the tree’s potential. By the early 1900’s the cherry crops were far exceeding any other crop’s yield and the cherry industry was becoming a major player in the Northern Michigan economy. (1)

Today, the Montmorency tart cherry (America’s superfruit,”) adds over $74 million to the Michigan economy (2).

From late June to mid august, small road-side cherry stands clutter county roads. Our cherry farmers employ thousands during cherry season and contribute generously to the community around them. So next time you take your shot of Cherry Works Tart Cherry Concentrate imagine your cherry farmer, proud, looking out over his or her orchard with Lake Michigan in the background, and remember that every cherry in there is celebrated and appreciated. From all of us here in Northwestern Michigan to you, wherever you are, here’s your cherry on top!

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